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The Purpose, Role, and Function of Personal and Corporate Vision~Part II

Posted on January 18, 2018 at 7:55 PM

The Relationship Between Personal and Corporate Vision

Your vision is not what makes you similar but it is the very thing that makes you stand out. Vision makes you distinct and separates you from everyone else yet it is the very thing that also joins and unites us. We are soon to find that vision not only impacts others but requires the assistance of other in order to bring forth that which is birthed in your heart, seen in the eye of your imagination and made a reality. Additionally, you will discover that often your vision is only a part of a much larger, corporate vision.

Have you ever wondered why you are in the church you attend? Do you know the vision and mission statement of the church that you are a mamber of? Do you know how your gifts and talents are to be used in relation to the vision and mission statement? Are you knowledgeable and trained in your gifts and talents? Do you know what your personal vision statement is? Do you understand how how your vision is to undergird and support the vision and mission of your assigned church? The answer to these questions are important if we are to properly align ourselves with our God given purpose and the purpose for serving not only within the church but outside it as well.

Often we take jobs not understanding that even they have a role in the actualization of our vision. Many times we take jobs out of necessity, pay, benefits, etc. When we do this can miss or postpone what God has for us. You see, even our place of employment should be a part of your vision. Our ability to understand why we work at a certain place, in a particular field, for a specific employer is critical in fulfilling our vision. We should know the vision and mission statement for our places of employment, why we are there and how we are to assitance in the execution of the vision and mission statement.

As you can see there is more to vision than meets the natural eye and our ability to tap into the Spirit and allow God to reveal our destinies to us must increase! Everything we do, the relationship we forge even our finances have a purpose which should ultimately relate back to our visions!

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